Steel giant Tata Steel customer for Cajo Technologies

One of the world’s largest steel manufacturers, Tata Steel has verified and selected Cajo Technologies, a Finnish laser marking machine manufacturer, as a marking equipment supplier for traceability markings for their steel products. Cajo laser marking systems are being piloted in the company’s home country, India.

Tata Steel is the world’s tenth largest steel manufacturer and employs 74,000 people on five different continents. The company is part of the Tata Group, which operates in 80 countries and owns for example Tata Motors, the manufacturer of Jaguars and Land Rovers.

The Group employs 660,000 people and has a worldwide turnover of EUR 95.5 billion. Tata Steel’s net sales for 2015-2016 amounted to EUR 15.5 billion. On the European side, Tata Steel has steel mills in the UK and the Netherlands and production across Europe.