Cajo MaaS - Marking as a Service


Cajo MaaS shortens and simplifies the investment process. Rentals are spread evenly over the rental period, which also makes budgeting easier. The customer company pays rent for the equipment for the agreed period and avoids heavy one-off investments.

Equipment rental and service or maintenance are billed on the same invoice, reducing the number of invoices. The rentals can be adapted to the seasonal fluctuation of the customer’s business. The rental service does not put a strain on the customer’s balance sheet and frees up capital for other uses. The rent is tax deductible.

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Thrive in changing times

  • Products, marking needs and traceability legislation change rapidly affecting production. Flexible Cajo MaaS addresses these concerns by meeting and exceeding customer demands.

Customer-oriented solutions

  • Together with the customer, we identify an optimal solution. We implement the solution in such a way that it delivers the best possible added value for the customer without the need to worry about technical implementation and maintenance.

Production reliability

  • Our additive-free, easy-to-use and comprehensive solutions for traceability and product labelling make industrial production processes more efficient and enable uninterrupted production. Our service includes short and scheduled preventive maintenance checks to ensure up-to-date availability and functionality of the laser marking equipment.

Ecological solution

  • Additive-free technology helps manufacturers save direct and indirect costs. Cajo’s patented and chemical-free laser marking technology is up to 90 % more environmentally friendly than the inkjet devices traditionally used in the industry. Cajo’s safe and reliable technology reduces waste significantly.

Freedom for core competence

  • We provide our customers with a complete labelling solution reliably and flexibly. This allows our customer companies to focus on their core competencies.

Reduce operating costs

  • Our reliable and additive-free technology enables significant operating cost savings. The service we offer does not put a strain on our customers’ balance sheets and the money saved is freed up for other uses.

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Niko Karsikas


Project Sales, Sales Finland
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