About us


Cajo has a patented method for marking color- and traceability markings without additives. It enables significant added value for material producers and other processors.

The solutions enable long life-cycle and almost service free operation when replacing inkjet-, label-, engraving-, etching- and painting technologies. Typical investment payback time is under 8 months.

The technology enables generating machine readable traceability markings lasting through the whole product life cycle even in challenging circumstances.

The chemical free marking technology enables decrease of the carbon footprint by 90% compared with e.g., industrial inkjet printers.


Our mission is to enable 100% reliable product- and traceability markings. We understand the customer- and standard requirements. For that reason, we are able to provide optimized and easy to use solutions which are reliable, ecological and cost effective.

We are front runners in the marking industry. Our business is in the verge of strong growth both in domestic and international markets.


The requirements for traceability- and product markings grows fast. Cajo has identified and developed device- and software solutions that is the answer for following requirements.

  1. Complex production-, logistical- and processing chains requires precise, real time quality control and tracking of material flows. This is a must requirement in internal processes, but also throughout the whole supply chain.
  2. Counterfeiting and piracy is a huge problem almost everywhere in global business environment. In addition to direct costs, counterfeiting and piracy causes great health risks for end users, but also huge risks for losses in ecosystems and damages for valuable brands.
  3. The requirements for product traceability are getting tighter all the time. For instance, Medical device manufacturing requirements with UDI- (Unique Device Identification) standard is a good example.

Ecological production methods and technologies are significant megatrends. In addition to sustainable manufacturing technologies, good material handling and flow of materials will have an environment friendly effect in our environment.

Aker Solutions have previously used a laser marking system with a single 100W laser source. However, the problem was that the marking was only on one side of the cable. It meant basically that when the cable rolled around at the seafloor, the marking became invisible. Cajo quickly responded for customers need and designed a dedicated solution for marking tubes and cables enabling markings every 120 degrees around the cable.


The policy of Cajo Technologies is to provide the best possible laser marking solutions to customer needs. Our operations are based on utilizing high quality components, the multisectoral know-how of our staff, just on time operations and seamless cooperation with our stakeholders.

Our products and our operations meets all the requirements of laws, customers, and standards. We commit to preventive policies and we aim to identify, to evaluate and minimize the risks threatening our operations.

Our main goal is always to enable happy customer ships, long lasting partnerships and to find the best possible marking solution for the customer.



We exist to our customers. Our operations are based on a hands-on attitude, honesty, straight forwardness and in taking pleasure in our work.

We put ourselves out there in order to achieve our targets. We aim to reach together the best possible outcome. We are allowed to joy the success and do not fear challenges. We look after each other, our partners, and customers according to our values taking into consideration the existing laws and orders.