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The story of Cajo

At the beginning, there were brothers Niko and Tomi, a van and a laser marking service that took the brothers around Finland providing “mobile” laser markings.

The experience from these early years working with the laser led to an innovation in controlling the laser beam. The brothers found a way to produce vibrant color markings on metals without additives by controlling the oxide layer on the surface of the metals. Along with the innovation, a patented laser marking technology was developed. Cajo’s technology enables extremely precise and durable markings to almost any material quickly and cost-effectively.

Currently, Cajo Technologies is a forerunner in laser marking software, material knowledge and controlling the laser beam. Subsequently, the innovation has been further developed to provide comprehensive solutions for traceability and product markings, optimized for industrial production processes.

Cajo’s laser marking technology and solutions have already convinced a number of major international corporations, such as Boliden, Tata Steel, Kone, Fiskars, Aker Solution and Prysmian Group. Deliveries have been made to over 20 countries to market leaders in metal and cable industries.

Determinedly built growth path

Cajo’s growth path has been built determinedly. The company’s strong financial and investment status has been an important enabler in this growth. The company has made remarkable investments in their growth to enable the current business model as an equipment and system provider, internationalization and sales through a distributor network. Right now, our business is in the verge of intense growth both in domestic and international markets.

For us, it is important to take care of our colleagues, partners and customers according to our values, as well as laws and regulations.


We exist for our customers. Our operations are based on hands-on and forthright attitude to work, straightforwardness and enjoying what we do. We put ourselves out there to achieve our goals and to find together the best results efficiently and smoothly. We rejoice achievements and are not afraid of challenges.

We think it’s important to take care of our coworkers, partners and customers according to our values, considering existing laws and regulations.

Cajo Technologies´ business policy is to supply best suited laser marking systems to our customers’ needs. Our business is based on high-quality components, multi-talented professional skills of the staff, a precise timetable, as well as good co-operation with our stakeholders. Our products and our operations fulfill the necessary legal, customer and standard requirements. We are committed in our operations preventive approach and strive to identify, evaluate and minimize the risks associated in our operations.

In close co-operation with customers and partners

Cajo works closely in cooperation with customers and partners who utilise Cajo’s technology. In many cases our customers need a partner to install and integrate the laser marking solutions as part of their production process. We have global cooperation with many of our partners.

Our experienced technical staff can find our customers and partners the best possible solution to each marking need. Our own development and testing laboratory can create marking prototypes to find the best solution for producing high class, durable markings for each new material. We have a widespread experience from metal, cable and wire industries. We’ve created several dedicated solutions to these industries to substantially increase the productivity of their production lines.

We also think it’s important to take care of our existing customers. In many cases, the laser marking systems can be serviced via remote connections, which enables quickly providing assistance globally. We strive to find competent partners who can support our customers locally also on short notice. We also provide extensive training both for our end customers and our partners.

Our objective is always to satisfy our customers and create long term partnerships, as well as finding the best possible marking solution.