CajoSmart™ embedded software is designed for high speed and time-critical manufacturing processes. This revolutionary solution provides first-class laser markings in hectic manufacturing environments. It is an embedded onboard control system which enables laser marking without a PC on the production floor. The typical application is a high speed 24/7 production line where markings are done on-the-fly. Marking content can be fetched from other systems or entered manually from a touch screen user interface (HMI option). After the marking sequence is initialized the software handles the marking process from start to finish.

The Cajo laser marking system and embedded CajoSmart™ software integrates seamlessly with other production systems on a manufacturing floor. CajoSmart™ can be run without a user interface by executing commands through a local area network (LAN). This allows, for instance, another automation system (PLC, robot, MES, etc.) to control and monitor the operation of the Cajo laser marking system. The content of the marking can be changed using same interface.



  • No PC needed on the production floor. The system can be monitored and controlled from any network-connected device.
  • High quality and precise markings on high-speed production lines
  • Marking content can be changed for each marking
  • Automatic serial number counting, timestamps, etc. are available.

Interfaces for integrations and operations

  • The system has an embedded control system onboard, which provides LAN and I/O interfaces requiring no PC for operation.
  • Marking content (material, text, barcode, logo, etc.) can be changed and system status monitored by using the interfaces (I/O and LAN).

Available additional options

  • Marking can contain any TrueType or SHX fonts
  • Any vector graphics logo can be added to the marking
  • Multi-row text marking
  • Database integrations
  • Custom PLC, robot or MES communication interfaces

Optional operator user interface (HMI)

  • Touch control providing an easy-to-use user interface for operators.
  • The operator can select product material and change marking content (text, barcode, logo, etc.).
  • System status can be monitored from the user interface.
  • Multiple lasers can be controlled with one CajoSmart HMI panel.

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