Cajo Software


Our laser marking software solutions provides solution to any production environment. Solutions include PC operated software CajoSuite™ and embedded software CajoSmart™, for demanding industrial applications.

CajoSuite™ is a comprehensive software for laser marking. It contains features for designing markings and simple user interface for operators. Software has two modes, Design mode and Production mode. Switching between modes is easier than ever, just mouse click from menu. You can choose from three different software versions which are CajoSuite Basic™, CajoSuite Studio™ and CajoSuite StudioPlus™.

CajoSmart™ embedded software is designed for high speed and time-critical manufacturing processes. This revolutionary solution provides first class laser markings in hectic manufacturing environment. It is embedded onboard control system which enables laser marking without PC in production floor.

Tell us your requirements and we will support you with world class marking solution adding permanent and sustainable markings on your products and components.



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