Seeking more information about the usability of laser marking in different applications? Talk with our laser marking experts!

We at Cajo Technologies have a lot of experience in different kind of laser marking applications within metal, cable and wire and medical industries. Traceability (internal/external) is often the reason why companies start the implementation process for marking solutions. If you have a marking challenge coming up or have decided to implement marking technology, but

Growth company 2020 sertificate for Cajo

Cajo Technologies has been able to grow substantially during the previous three years and has, therefore, earned its status as a Growth Company. In three years, the average annual revenue growth of the company receiving Kauppalehti´s Growth Company certificate has been more than 10 percentage points faster than the average in its main industry category.

About Cajo´s operations during COVID-19 pandemic

Message to our clients and partners!   Despite of COVID-19 affecting currently globally, Cajo Technologies Oy operates normally at the time being. We have taken all the necessary actions in order to secure the delivery of our services in planned schedule. The factory in Kempele works to it´s full capacity. At the moment there are