Branding ice skating blades with Cajo laser marking solution

Prosharp Proshop is dedicated in ice sports in all its form. Their goal is to make the design and sharpening of skate blades faster, better, and safer for its users. Their products are widely used among e.g., figure skaters and professional ice hockey players in the NHL, KHL and Finnish Ice hockey leagues. Prosharp Proshop

Enabling faster and higher quality marking process for Ensto

Ensto offers intelligent solutions for electricity distribution networks and buildings. Due to new projects, the volume of markings increased heavily, but at the same time they were having challenges with the existing marking systems. The integrable Cajo Tailor Advanced™ 20W Fiber laser was the perfect fit to meet Ensto´s marking requirements. It produces high quality

Cajo laser markings in Oura health ring

Oura Ring tracks and measures the physiological signals of your body as well as your daily activities. Every Oura ring has installed PCB inside of the ring. These PCB´s needs to be marked for traceability purposes. Besides of getting good permanent markings to their products that are code readable, Oura wanted to automatize the process