Ecoaims replaced an outsourced marking process with a Cajo Laser — The electronic shooting systems used even in the Olympic Games are now marked with a cost-effective laser


Ecoaims manufactures and delivers electronic shooting systems marked with the environmentally friendly laser marking machines of Cajo Technologies. The growing export company’s high-quality and cost-effective laser-marked products have already been delivered to more than 60 countries and are used by keen hobbyists and dedicated sports champions worldwide.

Branding ice skating blades with Cajo laser marking solution

Prosharp Proshop is dedicated in ice sports in all its form. Their goal is to make the design and sharpening of skate blades faster, better, and safer for its users. Their products are widely used among e.g., figure skaters and professional ice hockey players in the NHL, KHL and Finnish Ice hockey leagues. Prosharp Proshop