Cajo Technologies brings cost-effective and additive-free Laser Marking solutions to the Middle East by partnering up with In-Seal WLL

In-Seal WLL Insulation & Engineering Company develops and enhances businesses in the Middle East and North Africa. The company’s extensive experience in Management, Sales, Marketing and Finance, and a strong regional network of clients and suppliers, enables Cajo as a partner to provide industrial manufacturers in the area with cost-effective and additive-free Laser Marking Solutions for optimized production processes. The new partner agreement, and the comprehensive production automation solutions it entails, is expected to give an additional boost to the growing industries across the Middle East. In addition, Cajo now covers a previously untapped market area with enormous potential.

With over 90 years of cumulative experience in Management, Sales, Marketing and Finance, In-Seal WLL insulation and engineering professionals provide top-notch consulting services while selecting and integrating products to achieve advanced control systems at optimum costs. Cajo Technologies provides In-Seal’s extensive network in the Middle East and North Africa covering Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, UAE and Qatar with the best possible product marking solutions thanks to cost-effective and additive-free Cajo Laser.

In-Seal Managing Director S N Arshad offers his insightful perspective on industrial growth across the Middle East emphasizing “enormous growth in the Food, FMCG, White Goods, and Paper and Pulp Industries.”

  • The Food Industry is expected to record a growth of 33 % by 2027
  • Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) is expected to grow at 8 % year-over-year (YOY) by 2028
  • White Goods (major household appliances, such as refrigerators and washing machines) are expected to grow at 7 % YOY by 2028
  • The Paper Industry will grow at 4 % YOY by 2028. Currently, there are about 26 paper mills in the Middle East area
  • In addition, Metal is very much a stable industry which shall remain the same with small incremental growth

Mr Arshad visited the new Cajo Vantaa Office at Aviapolis near the Helsinki Airport in June. There, he met with Cajo CEO Niko Karsikas and Cajo Director of Business Development Janne Mäkelä for various Laser Marking demonstrations and to sign the new partnership contract.

In-Seal, Mr Arshad included, places trust in numbers and lets clear results speak for themselves. “We believe in doing our job and results give us the required motivation”, he states. With the impressive growth expectations of the Middle Eastern industries in mind, it is clear how the previously untapped potential of even more cost-effective regional automation solutions fits into the equation.

After all the introductions, technical demonstrations and meticulous reviews, the newly established business partners shake hands having confidently reached a conclusion filled with enormous potential: A most beneficial match has been made for introducing Cajo’s comprehensive Laser Marking Solutions to the Middle East.


In-Seal WLL Managing Director S N Arshad poses next to the cost-effective Cajo Vega Desk™ tabletop Laser Marking demo unit at Cajo Vantaa Office in Aviapolis.


To help manufacturers also in the Middle East maintain and accelerate industrial growth, Cajo Technologies gladly accepts the opportunity to bring patented technology and intelligent automation solutions to the new business territory together with In-Seal.

“Partnering up with In-Seal presents a great opportunity to bring Cajo Laser Marking Solutions to the Middle East. The company’s expertise in the area is impressive. In-Seal’s values, longer and closer working relationships, immediate and reliable service, and continually exceeding expectations and goals, also suit our vision and growth strategy extremely well”, Mäkelä says.

Manufacturers wishing to save costs and valuable resources with cost-effective and additive-free product marking solutions can contact Cajo or any regional Cajo partner.

Choose Cajo for intelligent product marking.


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