Cajo Technologies receives ELY Centres business development aid to help develop innovative new product marking solutions using sustainable Cajo Laser

Cajo Technologies receives funding from The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) business development aid to help develop innovative product marking solutions such as the sustainable Cajo MakeBright™ cardboard marking technology for the Packaging Industry. The new additive-free laser marking technology offered to manufacturers globally helps save valuable resources and the environment while improving production processes worldwide. 

Cajo MakeBright™ is a revolutionary new way to produce precise and permanent product markings on cardboard more sustainably than ever before. The intelligent and patented laser marking technology of Cajo Technologies enables fast marking without any additives.

Cajo MakeBright™ is capable of cost-efficiently lightening the surface for text and logos and then darkening modules or bars in 1D and 2D codes to ensure maximum readability and achieve A-grade results against ISO 29158 (AIM-DPM). Thanks to zero ink and maximum recyclability, Cajo MakeBright™ is the most sustainable marking solution in the world offered to Packaging Industry manufacturers exclusively by Cajo Technologies.

Cajo MakeBright™ replaces the need for ink or labels for marking tertiary packaging. As proven by a ground-breaking study by Macon Ltd. in 2020, replacing an inkjet marking method with a Cajo Laser allows manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint of industrial labelling by over 90 %. In addition, choosing a Cajo Laser gives manufacturers numerous other benefits thanks to its cutting-edge qualities.


  • Sustainable marking technology to produce permanent product markings on cardboard
  • Patent-pending technology eliminates the need for old and wasteful marking methods in the Packaging Industry
  • Cajo MakeBright™ allows markings on cardboard without additives like ink, glue, ribbons, or labels which eases the recycling process and enables cost savings
  • Increasing demands for sustainability and production efficiency in the Packaging Industry are supported by innovative solutions like Cajo MakeBright™
  • Flexible Cajo software enables complete late-stage customisation and personalised content

The ELY Centres business development aid for Project Cajo Sirius (EU funding 82 077 for the duration of 01/2024 – 12/2024) helps Cajo develop such new technological innovations. Cajo MakeBright™ is offered to forward-thinking manufacturers of the Packaging Industry who want to improve production processes and lower operational costs significantly while helping save the environment. Ultimately, Cajo MakeBright™ gives manufacturers the winning edge they have been waiting for in a highly competitive market.

Read more about Cajo’s cost-effective and sustainable solutions for the Packaging Industry here.

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Cajo Technologies Ltd. is an international, fast-growing technology company with headquarters and manufacturing in Kempele, Finland, and subsidiaries in India and the United States. Cajo has made deliveries to more than 70 countries worldwide, including to market leaders in the metal, automotive and cable industries.

The company offers complete, easy-to-use solutions for traceability and product marking optimized for industrial production processes. Long-lasting and maintenance-free solutions have been developed to replace traditional marking methods such as inkjet, print, label, engraving, etching, and painting technologies.

Cajo’s intelligent technology makes it possible to implement high-quality machine-readable traceability markings that last throughout the product’s life cycle even in challenging conditions. Cajo’s sustainable laser technology offers manufacturers an over 90 % reduction of the carbon footprint of industrial labelling compared to for example inkjets thanks to additive-free technology.

By choosing the comprehensive laser marking systems and intelligent machine vision solutions developed by Cajo, manufacturers can significantly increase production processes worldwide.

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Internationalization project of additive-free laser technology based on laser technology for the packaging industry.

Cajo MakeBright is a revolutionary new way to produce precise and permanent product markings on cardboard more sustainably than ever before.

The chemical-free marking technology enables a decrease of the carbon footprint by 90 % compared with e.g., industrial inkjet printers.