KODMAK Automation from Istanbul delivers versatile and additive-free Cajo Laser Marking Solutions tailored to customer needs

KODMAK Automation based in Ataşehir, Istanbul, provides industrial manufacturers with diverse marking machines. By partnering with Cajo Technologies, KODMAK can deliver versatile and additive-free laser marking solutions tailored to customer needs. Thanks to the partnership, operators in and around the Republic of Türkiye can improve their production processes and save valuable resources with high-quality laser marking systems and intelligent machine vision solutions.

This autumn, KODMAK Automation from Istanbul, Türkiye, became the first company in the area to sign an official partner agreement with Cajo Technologies.

KODMAK is an extremely prolific operator in the area with over 15 years of experience in the coding and marking industry. The company has customers both in the private and public sectors in industries ranging from food to automotive. With the cost of inks rising globally, their customers need modern marking solutions, so the company set their sights on high-quality and additive-free marking solutions.

KODMAK emissaries General Manager Serdar Bozkurt and Technical Service Manager İsmail Kart came across Cajo at Interpack 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany. They were impressed by Cajo’s laser marking solutions and the technology’s unique capability to mark virtually any material clearly and cleanly without the need for any additives whatsoever.

Soon after, Bozkurt and Kart decided to visit Cajo headquarters in Kempele, Finland, to learn more about Cajo and the company’s comprehensive marking and machine vision solutions. As a testament to KODMAK’s proactive business mentality, the partner contract was signed then and there, and the first deliveries to the target area followed immediately after.



Cajo CEO Niko Karsikas hosted KODMAK representatives with Cajo CMO Antti Linnola ensuring the new partner has everything they need to market and deliver cutting-edge laser marking solutions.

“Proactive and prolific partners such as KODMAK make us proud”, Karsikas says. “KODMAK’s marking industry insight and connections to the local businesses, the public sector, and even global enterprises operating in the area help bring modern Cajo solutions to where they are needed the most.”

KODMAK aims to provide manufacturers with customer-oriented solutions to ensure that production becomes more efficient without any disruption. Highly adaptable production process automation solutions, such as the device platform Cajo Chameleon™ and intelligent CajoVision™, make sure that KODMAK can fulfil all customer marking and machine vision requirements.




KODMAK Technical Service Manager İsmail Kart and General Manager Serdar Bozkurt celebrated the new partnership together with Cajo in Oulu, Finland.


Manufacturers who wish to save costs and valuable resources with cost-effective and additive-free product marking solutions can contact Cajo or any regional Cajo partner.

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