Cajo Technologies opens a new subsidiary in India offering world-class coding and marking systems globally

Cajo Technologies Ltd. announces the launch of the company’s new wholly-owned subsidiary Cajo Technologies India Private Limited for the eastern markets. Cajo India provides industrial manufacturers with world-class laser marking and coding solutions for diverse needs. Laser marking is rapidly becoming an increasingly popular method to mark practically any material due to its cost-effective and sustainable nature. Laser marking requires no additives and replaces traditional marking methods, such as inkjets and labels.


Cajo Technologies Ltd. CEO and founder, Niko Karsikas, and Director of Business Development, Janne Mäkelä, visited the new Cajo Technologies India headquarters in Bangalore, India, in October 2022. During the visit, the subsidiary’s sales office and functions were further expanded with a brand new showroom and support centre, including Cajo’s stand-alone laser marking systems.

Based in the heart of south India, Cajo’s wholly-owned subsidiary Cajo Technologies India was established to provide sales and support for comprehensive Cajo laser marking solutions and services to the Indian subcontinent.

Currently, India is the fastest-growing G20 economy. According to Business Finland‘s May 10, 2022, report on conducting business in India, the country’s economy is valued at approximately USD 2.9 trillion. India is ranked as the 5th largest economy by nominal GDP and the third largest by Purchasing Power Parity.

Since adopting the New Economic Policy in 1991, industrial manufacturing in India has grown substantially and foreign investments are pouring in. The services sector is the highest contributor to India’s GDP boosted in part by the Indian Government. National reforms and policies are aimed at improving the infrastructure, technology, investments and employment – advancements to which Cajo Technologies now contributes to also in India.

“Establishing a subsidiary in India is part of Cajo’s growth and internationalization strategy. The company has already made the first deliveries to the region, and significant market potential can be seen in India and in the surrounding areas. Thanks to the new subsidiary in India, locally offered high-quality Cajo laser marking systems from an experienced company provide manufacturers with a clear competitive advantage,” says Niko Karsikas.


Cajo India Director Sanjeev Patel (left) and National Head of Sales Pawan Kumar examine a cardboard box marked with Cajo MakeBright™ – Cajo’s patent-pending sustainable laser marking solution offered for the Packaging Industry.


Cajo India employs a team of dedicated professionals working under the supervision of a seasoned Director Sanjeev “Sanj” Patel.

“Whilst the Indian market is flooded with cheap hardware and so-called ‘solutions’, we are receiving enquiry after enquiry looking for solutions to complex marking requirements that only a combination of sophisticated software, high-end technology and years of practical global experience can deliver,” says Sanj Patel.

National Head of Sales, Pawan Kumar, adds “For ‘Made in India’ to succeed globally, Indian manufacturers must invest in the best solutions to meet global standards of marking, branding and traceability. I’m really excited about the year ahead.”



With deliveries of cost-efficient and sustainable laser marking and coding systems to over 60 countries around the globe, Cajo continues steady international growth. Thanks to the new Cajo India subsidiary, the company now has a firm foothold also on the fastest-growing market in the world.


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Cajo Technologies India Private Limited


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